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MND - Our Story

This post has been a very hard one to write but will always be one I cherish the most. On this post, I would love for people to share it and get the word around as this is one disease that has touched my heart very much this year. Here is just a brief background on what MND is. Motor Neurone Disease (MND) comes in many different forms. It attacks motor neurones which is a type of nerve in the central nervous system, progressively so that eventually muscles no longer receives messages to them, which slowly leads to muscle wasting and leading to paralysis. Unfortunately what this also includes is their ability to speak, eat, drink and in many cases even to breathe. Every day life which the unaffected find easy is now one hell of a struggle to what someone with MND is going through. Another disheartening fact is that there is currently no cure for MND so you just have to give them the best quality of life you can whilst they are still here with us as it is a terminal illness. Personally, I find this disease the worst kind of them all and this is why...

Stephen's Story -

This is my Dad's story who is currently still fighting against this horrible disease. In August 2014, one morning we noticed that my father has woken up with stroke like symptoms. His speech was slurred, he had a strange nerve pulsing in his arm and I believe he said his face felt a little numb. We tried to convince him to go and see a doctor but this took days of persuasion until he eventually went to see them. Here, he got referred to the hospital where they had diagnosed him of having a stroke. He was then put on all sorts of medication such as blood thinners to help him not have another stroke however, we saw that it was getting worse not better. He did have check up appointments and so forth after this until a dreaded letter for another appointment came through the post saying they want to speak to Stephen with possibly another family member available. In December 2014, when the appointment was, they diagnosed him with having MND and it broke our hearts. I only knew about Stephen Hawkins having a form of it called ALS, which you may have heard from the 'Ice Bucket Challenge', and that's all the doctors only gave away as well. They did state it was a terminal illness and was definitely life shortening. I have happened to have drove that day so we had to go in the quiet room of the hospital so that we could gather our heads but something like that you just don't get over.

Up until now, the disease has made such progress to the point where my Dad can no longer walk, barely even talk, he can't eat or drink for himself and we require carers and nurses coming in 4 times a day. It has gotten to the point where he can no longer do anything for himself. At times, it can get frustrating and then he gets frustrated as its just so, so hard. No words can describe how hard and difficult it is for the affected and the people around them that love them. Seeing them from being healthy to being completely incapable of doing anything for them-self is utterly heart breaking and it tears more and more away of you day by day. No one ever mentioned EVER how hard it was going to be on family but whatever we are feeling it is nothing compared to how he must be feeling. 

My dad was diagnosed with Progressive Bulbar Palsy (PBP) which affects around a quarter of all people diagnosed. It affects the arms and legs and the most disheartening point is that the life expectancy is only 6 months - 3 years when the symptoms first appears which could mean that my father only has a couple of years maximum. It really does hit you hard when you think about the future such as 'He will never see his grandchildren' or 'Who is going to walk me down the aisle at my wedding' or even 'Is he going to be there at my graduation'. Even writing this post has reduced me to tears. Unfortunately the man you see in the picture above is no longer there as it has destroyed every inch of him. 

MND is such an under researched area and fundraising really helps. The MND association (website link here) provides lots of helpful information and all about the fundraising you can do to help so there may be a chance of a cure one day. Furthermore, my Mum is doing her own fundraising in the form of collecting donations from my recently passed grandfather's funeral who would have wanted to help the best he could so if you wish to donate through there instead it would be so appreciated (link here).

If anyone is going through this themselves or know someone who is I am always willing to talk as I know how life impacting this disease is. I hope you all recognise the importance of this post as I want to get the word around so as many people know about this awful disease as possible so hopefully it won't destroy as many lives.



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