Monday, 25 May 2015

Molto Mauve

Popping into Boots one time after the gym the other day, which probably happens more than its supposed to, I came across an offer from L'Oreal Paris that gave you £5 off when you bought a bottle of coke. Now, I do drink coke and saving £5 off an £8.99 lip gloss sounds like a pretty good deal to me and I believe its still running! The lip gloss is a color riche extraordinaire and I fell for the colour Molto Mauve 500. Its pretty similar to my natural skin colour which is rarely a colour I go for in the first place so was a nice addition to my other lip products. 

For a person who doesn't normally wear lip gloss due to the whole hair stuck to your face thing, it isn't too bad at all! This product is actually designed and called a lipstick but the only thing that resembles that is the high pigmentation of the lipstick that is underneath all the micro oils on top which basically makes it a lip gloss in a way. It's so soft and the shine doesn't come through like your wearing a Disney Princess lip gloss that make your lips just look wet (obviously back when you were younger... or now if you prefer). It's available in 9 different shades and has an easy application wand which is also so soft!

I don't know whether I would have spend £8.99 on it though due to personal dislike of lip gloss but having that £5 off made me want to give this one a go and I'm glad I did! I would recommend anyone to give it ago whether they like or dislike lip gloss! If you have used this before leave me a comment to let me know how you got on with it!


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