Friday, 5 June 2015

Dinner Date with Topshop

I've never been out and specifically got an outfit for a dinner date with the boyfriend mainly because A. we hardly go out as it is and B. I never have any money. So, I decided to have a browse on the Topshop website and make an outfit that I'd love to wear on a dinner date to somewhere with a bit of class not just down to the local pub. After having a huger browse I came across these little pieces and of course I just had to include a perfect shade for summer lipstick. This outfit does contain a little addition of an Olivia Burton watch however, it is purely stunning AND it was featured on the Topshop website so it can technically be counted within the post! The detailing on the dress is just gorgeous and the colour is right up my street. The whole outfit is just something that would suit me perfectly... Shame about the added up price tag though!


Dress £100 // Lipstick 'Ooh La La' £8 // Watch £75 // Shoes £58 // Bag £48 // Ring £8.50

What do you like about this outfit?


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