Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Norwich & More

A few days ago now, me, my mum and her boyfriend went to Norwich. Whilst they stayed there for a week and are still there now, I left after 4 days due to my brother taking the other half of the week so someone was at home with Dad whilst the other was away. This did however mean that I had to take a 7 hour coach journey home back to Bristol but, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be! Personally, I find Norwich such a gorgeous city and even though we stayed in a lovely farm house away from the city centre, the outskirts were even prettier. They had such huge houses where we were staying and of course there was one for sale so we had to have a peak at the price! The farm house we stayed in was still being half renovated from the lady that owned it. Our part slept around 8 people and when the whole house is done the lady reckons it could sleep a massive 16 -18 people! She showed us around the house and showed us what she was doing and I believe its going to look amazing. The house is such a maze and I loved it! The house was also set on a huge amount of land with around 40 horses occupying it as well with a show jumping arena. There were 2 gorgeous foals and funnily are named Frankie and Benny! 

On the first day, we didn't get in til around 3 o'clock so just unpacked and chilled in the house until it was time for some food where we went out to a local pub called The Fox. The food was amazing and I had salmon and asparagus wrapped in filo pastry with creamy cheese and veg. On the second day, we went out to Norwich town centre where I bought loads of things including a new MAC lippie and a Joules dressing gown and then went into Cromer and had a walk around that seaside town. We saw a wedding on the pier and the bride and the bridesmaids looked stunning in their 1940's styled dresses. On the 3rd day, we went into Great Yarmouth and walked around that seaside town. It was safe to say that I really like that beach and area! And on the final day, we could go far as I had to go and catch a coach but, we went to have lunch and went to the Norfolk broads and had a stroll around the shops. I left at around 14.30 on the bus and didn't get home til around 21.10. My god it was so long. Here are just a few pics from my long weekend away...

Have you ever been to the East of England? What do you think?


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  1. So happy you loved Norfolk, it's my beautiful home. I can totally agree on darling Cromer but you liked Yarmouth?? Are you a mad woman haha

    There's nothing like Norwich for shopping, I actually miss it if I don't go there in a few weeks.

    Please do come back again soon :)

    Wendy Xx


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