Monday, 31 August 2015

Second Floor Bristol

One of my birthday presents was a 3 course meal for two and a cocktail at the gorgeous place called the Second Floor restaurant in Bristol as part of the famous brand Harvey Nichols. I took along my best friend and fellow blogger Molly from What Molly Loves and we had an amazing time. We followed a set menu and were so full up by the time all 3 courses had finished! Before we even had our starters they were bringing out plates of complimentary canapés which were again absolutely divine! To start, I had the Smoked Aubergine and tomato salad which also came with a dip of Greek yoghurt and crisp bread whilst Molly had the sweetcorn soup with a chilli salsa. We both loved them! Then we moved onto mains where we both had the beef rendang with coconut rice and neither of us knew what this was. But, when it came out it was sort of like a beef curry and it was cooked to perfection. The beef just fell apart with hardly any fat attached to it and the rice and beef were in exactly the right proportions. In my opinion, this was definitely the best beef dish I have ever tasted. Then finally, it was time for dessert where again we both had the Lemon Posset with blueberry jelly and meringue cream. Neither of us knew how to pronounce posset so I let Molly try to say it! But, this was equally as nice as all the other courses! Here are a few pics of the food...

The complimentary cocktail was yummy and tasted like alcoholic pineapple and I even got a special 'Happy Birthday' message in chocolate with a chocolate shortbread, Belgium chocolate brownie and a coconut ice (I think that's what they are called) as my mum left a message on the booking reservation that it was my birthday a couple of days ago One thing I must mention about this restaurant is that they use a lot of beetroot. That's not a bad thing of course but everywhere we turned there was beetroot everywhere! Beetroot in the dessert, the canapés... If you don't like beetroot you'd have a very limited choice! 

The waiters and waitresses were very attentive to our needs and kept filling up our water whenever we needed it without us having to ask which was lovely! I would like to give a massive thank you to the chef, Louise McCrimmon who I believed cooked all our food that night! It was a lovely meal and I would recommend the whole dinner to anyone who thinks they would like it too!

Have you been here before? What did you think?


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