Friday, 11 September 2015


I never normally get involved with political issues on my blog but this one has really made my blood boil. Some of you may or may not know that today in parliament MP's got to decide on whether or not terminally ill people can be assisted to die in England and Wales. As the result stands, it was a firm no with 118 MP's being in favour with an astonishing 330 MP's going against this. How any one can say that people being able to die with dignity is 'totally unacceptable' needs to take one step back and actually meet some of these people to see their reasons as to why. I maybe a little bit bias here with my terminally ill father having MND however, hearing countless upon times saying to his own children that he just wants to die really pulls at heartstrings. Yes we don't want him to leave us so soon however, seeing that he can do literally nothing and having no quality of life what so ever makes you really evaluate the situation.

As it stands, you can yourself take a lethal dose of pills if you know you have less than six months to live however, with MND it is so under researched that you don't know when he is exactly going to die. In addition, if we did know that he was going to die in six months time he wouldn't even be able to move his arms to administer the pills himself! I understand that the law is there to protect the elderly and other people who may be at risk of someone passing it off as euthanasia when it fact it could have been murder however, if there are doctors, nurses and carers who daily see someone and can see they are willing to die, I think it should be done!

The sad truth is that no matter how many times my Father says he wants to die, we or himself cannot make that physically possible. We can not fulfil his wishes and instead we have to watch this awful disease take over every aspect of his and our lives. We know its been a heartbreaking journey for him with plenty more problems to come and he just wants it all to end. He can't go out, he can't eat for himself, he can't move his arms, his legs nothing. What I want is for some of these MP's to come off their high horses and down from their ivy towers and meet some of these people who want to die and see their reasons. Maybe, just maybe it would change their minds. 

Until people are in this situation, most will never understand.



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