Monday, 5 October 2015

Bristol A/W 2015 Fashion Show

HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! I do realise that it is a bit late but this is my first post of the month so we shall just ignore it right?! This post if you haven't guessed is all about Bristol Fashion Week where I bought tickets for me and my sister to attend. We got front row tickets and were really surprised at how good the seats were... I could of touched the fabulous Denise Van Outen and Mark Heyes if I just out stretched my arm. On a little side note, please excuse the weird line through my opening photo, it seems that when I uploaded it from my camera (As the photo is absolutely fine on there) the computer didn't like it -_-. 

What were the major trends in the show then? First up, the whole event was based around cinema glamour. Even when walking into the tent there was popcorn for the refreshments and pictures of old famous movies hanging around. There were a few clothing pieces within the refreshment part as well which were all truly stunning but not the type of clothes for everyday wear. So, I can tell you that another trend this season will be tweed. I do love a bit of tweed as coming from Bristol (Farmer Land to most people) and not in the centre, you do see a lot of posh, country folk wearing tweed and if I'm wearing it too it makes me feel posh haha! The last bit of trends for this season that I picked up was faux fur. The reason why I made that bold and in italics is because I purely can't stand real fur clothing. I've never understood why killing and skinning an animal just to have for your personal look is something anyone would want. Yes, it probably comes out better than faux fur but you just have to shop around for the best faux fur as I have felt some that have been heaven for the hands. To be honest, if you can afford the price of real fur, you will be able to get a good faux fur. 

Anyway, enough ramblings! Here are a couple of shots from the day:

Me with my sister and her crazy red hair o_o

Mark Heyes and Denise Van Outen... They both looked stunning


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